President Mutharika Losing Legitimacy

A civil rights advocate says President Bingu wa Mutharika’s outbursts against critics vindicate opinion in some public circles that he is losing legitimacy. Mr. Benedicto Kondowe claims president Mutharika's Friday remarks aggravated the loss trust in him among the citizenry, sentiments the president has strongly dismissed.

The president warned he will smoke out political parties and civil society leaders if they continue staging demonstrations after the July 20 mass protests in which 18 people died.

Many observers say this contradicts with the president’s earlier call for dialogue but presidential spokesperson Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba insists the president remains open for dialog.

Mr. Kondowe a civil rights advocate says the outburst and arrests threat instills fear and make people believe that one person owns this country.

It is also a sign that the President would want to govern this country through intimidation and impunity he says.

Mr. Kondowe also describes as a big threat to democracy his call for arrests of CSO and political party leaders and a clear sign of a leader who has lost legitimacy.

To this effect he concludes that president Mutharika has lost legitimacy.

Civil society and opposition party leaders Wednesday took to the streets against what they called economic and Governance ill f the current administration.

Over 18 people died during the violent protests which International bodies have condemned

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