England beat Malawi 65 - 33

Malawi were beaten 33 - 65 by a more polished England side today at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in their first game of the tournament.

The game started goal for goal as youthful Malawi side looked up to the challenge of taking on England, the world number three. But they couldn’t sustain the momentum and put out the fire in England’s desire to obtain a solid win and soon dropped behind.

Another team to clear their interchange bench, England were flawless on attack and persistent on defense. Led by their strong captain Sonia Mkoloma (who could be heard from the crowd), England found flow through the court with all combinations tried by Coach Sue Hawkins. Young Goal Shoot Joanne Harten had an exceptional game in the first half, slotting 22/24 of her shots for 92%.

Young up and coming Goal Shoot Mwayi Kumwenda from Malawi didn’t have the experienced Mary Waya with her but she stood her ground against the strong England defensive duo of Sonia Mkoloma (GK) and Eboni Beckford-Chambers (GD) and in the second half Stacey Francis (GD) and Geva Mentor (GK).

Malawi's Mwayi Kumwenda was exceptional as she slotted 26/29 of her shots for 90%.

Malawi were really pressing the England side and despite the score-line, It was a hard fought match, full of passion and energy from both sides.

The Malawi team looked very fit throughout the court and will be looking to improve on todays game. They are a team to watch and are going to challenge the top four teams.

Their next game is against Malaysia tomorrow where they are expected to win.

In other games Botswana beat hosts Singapore and South Africa lost to Jamaica 45 - 72.

Full results

Day 2

Game 2: Jamaica 72 - 45 South Africa
Game 3: Australia 81 - 23 Samoa
Game 4: Trinidad & Tobago 51 - 48 Wales
Game 5: New Zealand 80 - 25 Fiji
Game 6: Sri Lanka 56 - 65 Northern Ireland
Game 7: England 65 - 33 Malawi

Day 1
Game 1: Singapore 36 - 43 Botswana

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