Univesity of Malawi releases 2011 first year intake

Unima selects 2379 only due to space problems

The University of Malawi (UNIMA) has released names of candidates selected to start their studies in various courses in its colleges.

A total of 2379 students have been selected out of 7791 candidates who wrote entrance examinations. Of those selected 53 percent are male and 47 percent are female.

But these students will not report immediately to start their studies and no date of commencement has been given due to administrative and labour problems at Chancellor College and Polytechnic which are causing complications.

The university administration has made several bad decisions in recent years.

Chancellor College and the Polytechnic were closed due to a labour dispute over academic freedom and fired academics that pitched academics on one hand and the university council and government on the other hand.

While the Polytechnic eventually opened for classes, Chancellor College remains closed and freshers from last years intake at Chancellor College only attended one month of classes before the academic staff started boycotting teaching in February.

Chancellor College will now have two sets of freshers when they open and that will create accommodation as well as teaching space problems.

Check 2011 UNIMA Selection list here

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