MANEB has released the 2011 MSCE results

MANEB has released the 2011 Malawi Schools Certificate of Examinations results after several weeks delay attributed to the changed schools calendar.

102,691 candidates sat for the examinations and 54.8 percent of them passed. That is 56, 273 candidates have passed.

This years pass rate is slightly better than last year by at least one percent. Last year 53.3 percent of the candidates passed.

Internal candidates did better than other candidates with a 58 percent pass rate. 39, 128 internal candidates passed out of the 67, 974 that sat for the examinations.

External candidates posted a 50 percent pass with 8, 981 candidates being successful from the 18, 115 that sat for the examinations.

University dilemma

For those candidates that qualify to go to the University of Malawi and the University of Mzuzu, they will have to agonisingly wait.

The University of Malawi has not yet released the selection list for the candidates who sat for MSCE last year.

Furthermore, for those interested in pursuing liberal arts and sciences at Chancellor College, there are complications. The college is closed due to an ongoing labour dispute over academic freedom and fired academics that pitches academics on one hand and the university council and government on the other hand.

The college freshers at Chancellor College only attended one month of classes before the academic staff started boycotting teaching in February after one of the professors was questioned by police over an example he gave in a public policy class.

The academic freedom wrangle at Chancellor College looks set to drag on for some time.

At the University of Mzuzu they have problems of space and finances. The university was forced to delay opening for several months for the current academic year after it found itself short of bed space and cash to smoothly run classes and the government did not avail itself to help.

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