Should we take Prophet Bushiri seriously?

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering says Malawi is heading towards very trying and hard times that include a serious leadership crisis especially beginning January 2012 when Malawi will be at a standstill.

The prophet also says the current fuel and forex shortages shall worsen and Malawi will be confronted with problems that have never beset Malawi before.

The DPP government will tell you that Prophet Bushiri is serving the opposition despite Bingu's fridge gift at Bushiri's wedding.

On the other hand, if you follow the economic and political fortunes of this country, you might actually think Bushiri is not far off the mark and he might have had a divine intuition that Mutharika will really not give in to the demands of the people (civil society) and will harden his heart as was the case with the Pharaoh in biblical times.

In any case, Prophet Bushiri says people should believe what he is saying. He claims that all other prophesies made in the past have come to pass.

In April, Busihiri had prophesised that in July there will be bloody political killings after demonstrations in Blantyre and that Malawi will no longer be the peaceful nation we knew. This did happen.

Bushiri is now saying there is a new political group that is forming that will advocate and work towards regime change in Malawi and in January 2012 we will see this group rise.

Beware of false prophets

Okay then, we will wait until January to know whether the Prophet is right, till then, my fellow citizens look out for this new group as Bushiri says no-one knows the groups identity yet.

There are true prophets and then there are false prophets. Evangelist Harold Camping was third time unlucky when for the third time his rapture and judgment day prophecy failed on October 21.

The day October 21 passed without incident and Camping has since not been seen nor made comments.

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