Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa was murdered according to Pathologist Dzamalala

Pathologist Dzamalala, who conducted a post mortem on Chasowa has released his autopsy report and told Capital Radio that Chasowa was likely murdered.

The report says the student died of blunt trauma consistent with assault.

Dr. Charles Dzamalala’s autopsy findings are an obvious spark of controversy as to who between the police and the pathologist could hold key to a discovery of what exactly happened to student Robert.

“Based on the isolated nature of the fresh injuries to the head with prominent parts of the head and the rest of the body spared of these fresh injuries, it is my opinion that these injuries are mostly likely due to assault to the head rather than a fall,” says Dr. Dzamalala in his report.

The report says the pathologist had no opportunity to examine the body at the scene of the incident as police had already transferred the corpse to the morgue when a request for an autopsy was made.

Robert Chasowa, a fourth year mechanical engineering student, was found dead on campus September 24, in a pool of his own blood and police quickly told the public they had proof it was a case of suicide.

Malawi Police spokesperson Mr. Willie Mwaluka told the media after the discovery of the body of the student that Robert Chasowa died from injuries sustained after he deliberately jumped from a roof.

Mwaluka said the police Criminal Investigations Department discovered a note which was concluded to be a suicide note from the deceased.

But Dr. Dzamalala’s report dated September 29, 2011 outright says Robert Chasowa died of ‘unnatural causes’ as the student’s body had ‘severe traumatic intracranial haemorrhage and head injuries with comminuted and depressed fracture to skull bones”.

Robert Chasowa is known to have been engaged in political activity alongside friends one of whom, Mr. Black Alex Moses, is in court answering charges of sedition for allegedly publishing and distributing newsletter material critical of the leadership of the Malawi government.

The Polytechnic utilizes guard services from KaMu a local security company. It is not clear what information the police got from the guards who were on duty on the night of the Chasowa incident.

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