ADMARC rationing maize sales - 10 kilograms per customer

Most ADMARC depots in Malawi have started rationing maize to 10 kilograms per customer amid deepening scarcity of the staple food.

Zodiak reporters stationed across the country say vendors are buying the grain at K80 per kilogram and reselling it at a higher price.

Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Sarah Chowa, however, said the rationing is aimed at clamping down on unscrupulous vendors.

The situation means every Malawian who wants to buy maize at ADMARC depots would have to buy 10 kilograms of the staple food only, regardless of their family size and capacity to afford more.

Findings by Zodiak reveal that while in other ADMARC depots maize is still scarce, in most cases where maize is available, it is being rationed at 10 kilograms per buyer.

Mrs Sara Chowa spokesperson at the Ministry claims the decision is aimed to counter unscrupulous vending of the grain.

“The main reason behind rationing the sale of maize in ADMARC depots is to control the buying. We want in this way to protect the consumers from unscrupulous vendors who buy the product from our markets and sell it at exorbitant prices,” Chowa said.

In recent past, reports have been rife of looming hunger in the country with about two million Malawians are facing hunger due to low yields of the staple food last year.

But Chowa said food supply has since stabilised in most ADMARC depots throughout the country.

“The situation has improved and I can confirm that maize is available in almost all the ADMARC depots countrywide,” she said.

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