Civil servants strike continues, union leaders keep us assured

Civil servants say they are set to continue their stay away today when they gather at a venue they have named 'Freedom Park' at Capital Hill in Lilongwe.

Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) president Eliah Kamphinda disclosed in an interview yesterday that other sectors of the civil service such as health personnel and employees of the Department of Civil Aviation are expected to join them in the next few days.

If health workers and civil aviation employees join the stay away, this would paralyse the airports and health facilities.

"We have received communication from health workers such as doctors and clinical officers who would like to join us. Of course they have their own way of doing it, like scaling down numbers to express their dissatisfaction. In the next two or three days, those from Civil Aviation are expected to join us as well," Kamphinda said.

He warned that civil servants in the districts are also expected to join the stay away this week and they will be gathering at offices of the district commissioner.

Meanwhile, government has not submitted the name of an alternative chairperson for the Government Negotiating Team (GNT) as demanded on Thursday.

"We are ready to continue negotiating with anyone as long as it's not Dr Macphail Magwira. If they don't bring a different chairperson to the negotiating table we will walk out," Kamphinda said.

CSTU submitted to government 10 grievances, among them a demand for salary increment, which they expect it to address as the stay away continues.

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