Zahara inspires Blantyre Girls pupils

South Africa's sensational musician Zahara real name Bulelwa Mkutukana arrived in Malawi Saturday through Chileka International Airport in Blantyre for two performances. She is expected to perform at Comesa Hall in Blantyre Saturday night and on Sunday in Lilongwe.

Soon after her arrival, she went to Blantyre Girls Primary School for a motivational talk where she also promised the girls 30 guitars through her Blooming Flower – Guitar of Hope Project.

She also told the girls to work hard in their education to realize their dreams and cautioned them to stay away from boys for now and think about marriage after finishing their studies.

The girls, who gave Zahara a tumultuous welcome by singing her popular song 'Loliwe,' which has won her awards, asked her questions after her talk.

She has since said she is excited to be back in Malawi and that Malawians should expect fireworks.

"People should expect the best, I am prepared with my band and again I am happy to be back in Malawi and thank you for giving me a special welcome," she said.

Zahara also performed in the country last year alongside Mtebeti Wambali Mkandawire courtesy of Standard Bank's Joy of Jazz Project.

At Comesa Hall on Saturday night, she will share the stage with local artists Edgar ndi Davis, Dan Lufani and Maskal.

Mango Entertainment, who have brought the musician to Malawi this time around, said they are excited that Zahara is here.

"We are excited, people doubted us but we knew what we were doing and here she is now," said the company's spokesperson Steve Kamanga.

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