I was a satanist and met the devil: she is half human, half python

It is another world, the underworld. Satanism is a dark art that has eluded many for years. Can the story of Macdonald Masilinza and Iblis Ndou end the mystery?

Masilinza, 25, now spends time making music and hawking DVDs. He is closely tied to the True Vine International Church which has its base in Chimwankhunda, Blantyre.

He claims to have been a witch, witchdoctor and satanist.

“While out drinking at Kamba in Blantyre, my friends brought me some fruit juice. I drank it and then they told me that I had been drinking blood, which effectively made me a member [of satanism],” said Masilinza during the week.

After the initiation, he claims he was magically taken to meetings under the Indian Ocean where he came face to face with the Devil himself.

“He is actually a woman, a queen, with a very black skin, half python, half human and he wears a red cloth with dragon signs on it.

“My first assignment was to collect blood by causing an accident along the Chikhwawa Road. They converted a coffin into a minibus and gave me a magical driver’s licence which fooled all traffic officers that looked at it. People got in the coffin thinking it was a minibus.

“But strangely, at the point where I was supposed to crash the minibus, I failed to read the correct satanic symbols and ended up arriving in Chikhwawa without a scratch, a thing that angered my superiors,” said Masilinza.

He said the Devil’s caucus then reassigned him to weaken pastors around Blantyre city who were disturbing Satan’s mission.

To start with, he said he went out to war with Prophet David Mpochera, founder of the True Vine Pentecostal International Church.

He said on two occasions, he went to Mpochera’s church but failed to defeat him but on his third attempt, the prophet cornered him and punched out the devil in him.

“He vomited a strange kind of material. Days later, he returned to confess about his dark doings,” said Mpochera.

The prophet claimed that satanism is rife in Malawi and agreed with Masilinza that even some top pastors are members of the cult.

Masilinza said the Blantyre rendezvous lies along the Sanjika Road and members have magical identity cards which they use to get into the temple.

Ndou is an active and proud satanist based in South Africa.

On his Facebook timeline, he openly declares that “Jehovah is the most wanted criminal in the court of father Satan... his crimes are as follows: the killing and sacrificing of his son Jesus in the New Testament, suicide bombings, endless wars in Muslim countries and Jerusalem and advocating the stoning to death for just having sex...”

So who is a Satanist?

“A satanist is the one who worships the gods of the universe known as demons in Abrahamic religions, jinns in Arabic/Islam and ancestors in African culture... we believe in Satan as the true creator of humankind,” said Ndou.

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