Vice president Khumbo Kachali apologises, public feels he is not contrite

After facing public criticism for several days, vice president Khumbo Kachali apologised to Malawians for making insensitive and irresponsible remarks about rampant presidential travel in Karonga last week.

However, that apology came from the minister of information. The public and activists are not convinced he is being contrite. If no personal apology is forthcoming, Khumbo Kachali and the Peoples Party will continue to lose political capita and the trust of the people.

Why has Kachali not been able to make the apology himself and why use a third party?

'Zikukole zamajungu', Kachali bashed his critics.

Speaking in Karonga where he officially opened a multimillion Lupaso Multipurpose Community Telecentre, Kachali said the presidency does not use money from critics' mothers in the endless travels, hence the critics should not waste their time as the travels are too far from over.

However, the remarks drew anger from Malawians who asked the Vice President to be sensitive in his speeches and identify himself with the suffering masses amid the implementation of government austerity measures.

The latest to react was Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) president John Kapito who yesterday called on President Joyce Banda to immediately have Kachali removed from office because of his lack of basic understanding of the requirements of the vice presidency and for insulting Malawians.

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