Reserve Bank goofs on new K20 banknote

It seems the Reserve Bank of Malawi was in a hurry to release the new banknotes so much so that it overlooked a mistake that made its way onto the new K20 note which has now hit all the corners of Malawi.

Flipping the note reveals a magnificent building which has been named Domasi Teachers Training College. However, people who know the place say the picture does not resemble any building in Domasi.

"Unless they have renovated it, that is not Domasi, that’s Machinga Teachers Training College. I work at Machinga TTC myself," said our source who pleaded for anonymity fearing for his job.

As if that is not enough, Domasi ceased being referred to as a teachers training college. It is now called Domasi College of Education.

Reserve Bank spokesperson Ralph Tseka played down the issue, saying the error would not affect the legal tender as the rest of the security features are intact.

"We are going to verify and if we find the error we will make a correction in the next issue," said Tseka.

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