Homosexuality law will not be repealed in current parliament sitting

Leader of government in Malawi parliament Henry Phoya said Tuesday that the controversial law that restricts homosexuality is not part of business in the current sitting.

The statement sharply contradicts President Joyce Banda’s statement that the law will be repealed as a matter of urgency.

“In our meeting this time round we don’t have any business on same sex marriages and you can cross check with our time table. If you ask me about what the president said, then the message was that she would like to see these laws reviewed some time in future,” Phoya said.

Ironically, to test the waters, just a day after Banda’s call for the repeal of the law, two lesbians reportedly got engaged in Blantyre.

Asked if government was to arrest the two women, Ralph Kasambara, the justice minister, said no.

“There’s currently a moratorium on the law, so there will be no arrests or prosecutions based on the law,” he told Zodiak Radio.

While human rights organisations welcomed President Banda’s willingness to accommodate same sex marriages in the country, the faith community and other sections of the society expressed anger with intentions to legalise homosexuality.

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