People are talking, 'Worst public service delivery'

People are talking, 'Off-track on everything'

Esteemed Raw Stuffers, as individuals and a nation, we are not looking good. Tatuwa kwambiri (We have dragged one another into the worst mud that has ever flowed into this Republic).

In the country’s history, we do not recall any worst public service delivery point than what we have in our hands now: A country without forex, fuel, electricity, jobs for school-leavers or a continuous flow of potable water; a country with runaway consumer and service prices and no information on what is happening?

Esteemed Raw Stuffers, Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) boss John Kapito (and other critics) may look foamy over these issues, but he should not be dismissed like a cartoon. He has a point. We are a failed State; broke, borrowing all over and without a clear idea of where our next fuel will come from. And nobody should scare anybody over this fact.

In fact, due to the fuel shortage, we Raw Stuffers are ‘hoofing’ with fellow plebeians in the streets of Mzuzu, Lilongwe, Zomba, Blantyre and other centres. We are taking rides in crowded, dirty and sometimes risky minibuses, where fares have gone haywire.

Esteemed Raw Stuffers, “people are talking”, to quote one BP&P senior official during the MCP regime. (The official was worried about what people were saying about the Ngwazi, his administration and the behaviour of some of his ‘top dogs’ and how this was not complementary to an already rotten system).

Which, esteemed Raw Stuffers, is the case in hand. People are questioning where the leadership is during this crisis. People want clear answers to what is happening in the immediate, short, medium and long terms.

Some of the things the folks on the ground are saying are not even printable. Not only do they lack decorum, but would also attract the now-freely administered treason charges or the wrath of controversial Section 46 of the Penal Code.

One afternoon in Limbe, a minibus conductor told a passenger who was complaining against a K100 fare and haggling for a reduction: “Bambo, tsikani. Ife tiri pantchito. Ngati mulibe ndalama, kapempheni ku Ndata. (Man, we are doing business here. If you don’t have money, go seek alms at State House).” The fellow was dropped on the spot!

Later, the people continued “talking”, comparing the three post-colonial leaders the Republic has had. They described the original Ngwazi as a ruthless dictator. Though famous for his party cards and crocodiles, the folks argued he sat down in Sanjika and worked and insisted on effective public sector delivery. They said Atcheya, though not a professor, was a fast learner who did his best not to trample on his citizens’ welfare. For the Professor Moya, esteemed Raw Stuffers, the story was not good and we shall not print the treasonables. But, in summary, the people said the man is busy quarrelling with everybody else instead of doing the needful for his people.

Which brings me to an issue I have always wanted to raise for the Junior Moya, another boy from home. In fact, some of us ‘MTL’ (‘Mulanje, Thyolo Limited’) boys have begun sympathising with him, especially on his cloudy bid for 2014. He, too, does not look good.

Listening to him recently when he chastised his party members for the Rumphi Central historic parliamentary debacle, and his fears for 2014, one felt he was making a valid point, one the ruling DPP must seriously consider. At the rate the DPP regime is ‘delivering’, it will almost write itself off the electoral list by the time we get to 2014.

For the Junior Moya, he is a man people virtually don’t know, except that he is a younger brother to the Professor Moya. Here is a man who was recently entangled in the scandalous sale/purchase of MHC houses in Blantyre. Here is a man who is flying presidential helicopters, burning fuel big time, when the economy is shrinking. Here is a good man who still needs to adopt the Muluzi fast-learning curve and polish up his public presentation antics. Here is a then Education minister who was virtually absent when Chancellor College was burning with academic freedom fires.

Esteemed Raw Stuffers, all this plus what his genetic brother is doing with the people, does not create favourable ground for 2014. To be honest with the man, he better start preparing for the opposition benches in the post-2014 Parliament.

“People are talking!”

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