Bunda students protests over seven week delay in allowances

Bunda College Students on December 12 went to the street again blocking the Bunda Mitundu road in a desperate attempt to force a bank release funds for their book allowances.

Bunda College Students’ Union president Fackshon Phwitiko says this was in protest to failure by authorities to pay them book allowances since the school opened seven weeks ago.

There has been no immediate comment from Ministry of education and Malawi Savings Bank which administers the loan scheme.

“They are breaching a contract which was agreed by three members, ministry of education, ministry of finance and the bank. They agreed that in the public universities of Malawi, if there are needy students, they will get loans from the bank.

“Bunda college students have followed all the procedures that are necessary, filling all forms, conducting meetings and everything was agreed but when time came to receive the money, the bank is not providing,” said Mr. Phwitiko.

He said the students have been waiting for seven weeks without receiving the allowance they use for buying books and writing materials.

“We have been borrowing money from some other fellow students and we have been doing these things using borrowed money and we expected that when the bank give us the money, we would refund those people.

“But now the bank is not coming in, they are breaching the contract that was there, so the complication is too much. We are psychologically affected, we cannot study and we have no reason to go to classes,” he said.

The students union president says all means of resolving the issue have been exhausted and the students are going to demonstrate up until they get their money.

“We are demonstrating whether it will take a month or whatever length of time, as long as we receive the money, will go back to classes,” added Phwitiko.

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