Corruption in Malawi is getting worse, says Transparency International

Corruption in Malawi is getting worse according to Transparency International, who have released the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2011.

Malawi corruption index has moved downward from 3.4 last year to 3.0 for 2011 and overall it is now ranked the 100th least corrupt country.

This is not surprising thanks to the incumbent president Mutharika, who is all talk about corruption but takes no action.

During the past few years public sector corruption and nepotism has visibly increased with public tenders being awarded to presidents cronies including the Mulli Brothers.

Mutharika has also been unusually quiet on this matter even when high profile cases have been exposed by the media including the MHC housing scam that involved DPP government ministers and the attorney general.
Last year Malawi was ranked 85th least corrupt country.

Botswana is the most clean African country, with a rating of 6.1 which gives it a world ranking of the 32nd least corrupt country. Rwanda comes next, with a rating of 5, which makes it the 49th least corrupt country in the world.

Somalia is rated the most corrupt country in the world with a rating of 1. al Bashir's Sudan is a little bit better with a rating of 1.6 (The ICC criminal charges against al Bashir are not related to the corruption in his country).

On the world scale, the least corrupt countries in the world are New Zealand, Denmark and Finland. The most corrupt are Afghanistan, North Korea, Myanmar and Somalia.

end note: In the next few days Ntaba, Lipenga and the DPP machinery will refute these corruption figures.

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