What did Prof. Chinsinga teach in that public policy class?

President Mutharika insists that Prof Chinsinga was teaching revolution in his public lecture class. But what exactly did Chinsinga teach?

Here is what Chinsinga told the audience that had gathered to commemorate 100 days of the struggle to academic freedom.

“In this lecture, I had three objectives: to let my students understand what public policy is all about and understand whose responsibility is it to make public policy and lastly to let them understand characteristics of public policy because not every problem can be a public policy problem; it has to meet certain characteristics.

“Now, during the delivery of these objectives, I gave different definitions of public policy, one of which says it is what government chooses to do and not to do,” Chinsinga said.

Chinsinga then said it was a response he gave to his student's on an example of public policy inaction on the part of government which he believed led to his summoning and interrogation by the police chief.

“The first example I gave was on fuel shortage and the second was on foreign exchange shortage which probably led to the whole thing as I made an extension to say it is lack of empathy [on the part of government] that eventually leads to the uprisings we are witnessing in Egypt and Tunisia,” Chinsinga said.

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