Peoples Party is rejected at the Registrar's Office

The Registrar of Political Parties has rejected Vice President Joyce Banda's new party, Peoples Party.

In a move that was widely expected the Registrar says it has given the party instructions and details on why the registration was rejected.

There is already Maravi Peoples Party registered and it was unlikely the registrar was going to allow the Peoples Party to register in that name as it stands.

The Peoples Party, however, sees foul play and claims they are being victimised and have since advised their lawyers to challenge the decision in court.

This stand for the Peoples Party may be ill-advised.

There were other parties such as PPM, who also complained that the symbols of the new Peoples Party were exactly those used by PPM and were going to challenge the registration.

It is not clear why Peoples Party chose to go ahead with registration when it was clear there would be conflict with these other parties.

Joyce Banda has to take her Peoples Party back to the drawing board.

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