Netball: Malawi beats South African to win the COSANA Youth Championships in Namibia

Malawi beat South Africa 36-26 today morning to win the U21 Netball Championships of the Confederation of Southern Africa Netball Associations (COSANA) in Windhoek.

Malawi remain unbeaten in the tournament and were expected to win the finals as they had already beaten South Africa twice in the group stages.

In their other encounters, Malawi beat South Africa 40-28 and 39-26 on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.

The slick Malawi side dominated the tournament and showcased stylish netball they are known for and entertained the small crowds that come to watch the matches.

Malawi results:
12 April: (final) Malawi 36-26 South Africa

Group results
11 April: Malawi 39-26 South Africa
11 April: Malawi 58-24 Namibia
10 April: Malawi 55-30 Botswana [q1:13-3, q2:17-9, q3:17-4, q4:8-14]
10 April: Malawi 40-28 South Africa [q1:12-10, q2:7-5, q3:8-6, q4:13-7]
9 April: Malawi 55-25 Namibia [q1:12-10, q2:18-2, q3: 12-6, q4: 12-10]
9 April: Malawi 43-24 Botswana

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