Budget Session opens May 23

President Mutharika is set to make his state of the nation address today as he opens the budget session of parliament.

Unfortunately, apart from this budget address, throughout the year Mutharika does not address any substantive policy issues in his speeches.

Moreover, Mutharika does not make press briefings where he takes questions from the independent press.

We therefore expect that today he will address all the important issues that Malawians want to be addressed and that he does so soberly and adequately.

Some of these issues include:

  • The forex crisis
  • The fuel crisis
  • Local government elections
  • The academic freedom crisis at the University of Malawi and the financial crisis at the University of Mzuzu
  • Delayed salaries for civil servants
  • Corruption in the high places
  • Respect for civil liberties and human rights
  • Nepotism in public appointments
  • Transparancy and accountability in the executive
  • Farm input subsidy programme and exit strategy
  • Stalled road projects

What would you like Mutharika to address?

Here is the copy of the state of the nation address

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