Bingu has picked the wrong fight - says MCP

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has urged President Muntharika to channel his energies to solving many problems the country is facing instead of castigating his critics.

MCP Spokesperson, Nancy Tembo, was reacting to President Mutharika’s Sunday speech in which he lashed out at Vice President Joyce Banda, her Peoples Party and MCP president John Tembo and his MCP.

Nancy Tembo says her party was not surprised with the president's speech as of late, the country's president has been castigating his critics instead of dwelling on what she said were crucial problems besetting the country.

“Currently, we’ve problems like the closure of Chancellor College and Polytechnic, tobacco prices and many others. So, as Malawi Congress Party, we think our leaders should be channelling their energies in trying to find solutions to these and many others, than castigating each other,” says Nancy Tembo.

Indeed, the president for the past week in which he has been making public rallies has not mentioned any of the immediate problems the country is facing, such as fuel and forex shortages, problems at universities of Malawi and Mzuzu.

Neither is it clear why the President is making these campaign rallies, when we know elections are a long way in 2014.

The MCP publicist also defended her boss, John Tembo saying president Mutharika should be the last person to talk about democracy. She was responding to accusations made by president Mutharika against Mr. Tembo.

President Mutharika wondered, “Does John Tembo know the meaning of democracy? Does John Tembo know human rights? John Tembo must stop talking about these issues.”

The president had also directed his attacks on other opposition leaders and the civil society on a number of issues, including his stance on demonstrations.

On the same podium, President Mutharika also changed the name of his party’s youth with from DPP Young Democrats to DPP Cadets a move some observers view as departure from promotion of democracy among young people to making them militant.

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